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HFD – Heat Field Deformation Sap Flow Meter

Understanding the sap flow in the plant system gives a critical information about the hydraulic concentration level between the plant and the soil. The HFD Heat Field Deformation Principle Sap Flow Meter measures sap flow or transpiration in trees. Ideally suited for research into the studying the Ecophysiology of trees, the HFD can measure radial sap flow and high, low and reverse sap flow.

Understanding the Ecophysiology is a fundamental element of identifying the optimal position for the SFM1x Sap Flow Meter.

With two variants, the HFD1 and the HFD2. The HFD1 utilises 100 mm needles, whilst the HFD2 uses 50 mm needles.

Using up to eight measurement points, spaced at 10 mm intervals (100 mm needle, HFD1 or 5 mm intervals (50 mm needle, HFD2), the HFD range store data as a stand-alone logging solution, with data stored on an internal MicroSD card. The data is stored in csv format for analysis either within Sap Flow Tool or within other common statistical packages. For advanced users, the data is also stored in a raw form that can be analysed in Sap Flow Tool.

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