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The SEC HandiTRASE uses TDR to measure soil moisture content reliably and accurately. Typically transects of soil moisture measurement for the ground truthing of remote sensing (satellite and airborne devices) data.

Available in 4 versions, the TR85 Handi-TRASE is a portable tool ideal for point soil moisture measurement.

  • TR85 (Old part number: 6085): Handi-TRASE, Handi-TRASE Unit only
  • TR85-S (Old part number: 6085K1): Handi-TRASE plus Connector 15 cm and 30 cm Waveguide Probes
  • TR85-F40 (Old part number: 6085K2): Handi-TRASE plus 40 cm Field (Slammer) Waveguide
  • TR85-FC40 (Old part number: 6085K3): Handi-TRASE plus 40 cm Coated Field (Slammer) Waveguide
TR85-S (6085) HandiTRASE

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