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The SEC HandiTRASE uses TDR to measure soil moisture content reliably and accurately. Typically transects of soil moisture measurement for the ground truthing of remote sensing (satellite and airborne devices) data.

The TRASE System is a self-contained, portable unit designed for field use for fast and accurate measurements of moisture in various materials (e.g. soil, cement, powders, grains etc) using Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR). This is a true TDR instrument with automatic beginning and end point determinations and full graphing abilities, allowing determination of both time and impedance differences along a waveguide.

Trase is not just a single instrument for measuring and monitoring moisture and dielectric constants using TDR; but is a growing, modular system made up of hardware, software, and firmware elements, arranged to provide a complete solution. It also means we can offer a wide selection of “off the shelf” alternatives packaged to meet your unique requirements.

Whether it’s a single manual field measurement or the sophisticated processing of arrays from remote sites, only one self-contained instrument – Trase – satisfies the diverse needs of commercial agriculture, research scientists, engineers, and government regulators.

Trase’s advanced application of TDR to moisture and dielectric measurement makes it the ideal multipurpose tool for a huge variety of professions and situations. These include:

  • Agricultural
    • Soils and Agronomy
    • Row & Tree Crops
    • Forestry
    • Plant Physiology
    • Horticulture
  • Environmental
    • Watershed Management
    • Stream Heights/Percolation Effects
    • Snowpack Evaluation
    • Landfill Monitoring
    • Restoration and Capping Integrity
    • Ground Truthing for Satellite Data
    • Environmental Monitoring
  • Industrial
    • Raw Materials Processing
    • Cement Deterioration
    • Landmass Saturation Stability
    • Verify Regulatory Conformance Standards
  • Geoscience
    • Hydrogeology
    • Rock Mass Stability
    • Solution Mining/Extraction Processes
  • Materials Research
    • Compaction
    • Unusual States: Gels, Slurries, and Suspensions
    • Water/Liquid Retention
    • Liquid and Solids Interface Levels

Available in 4 versions, the TR85 Handi-TRASE is a portable tool ideal for point soil moisture measurement.

  • TR85 (Old part number: 6085): Handi-TRASE, Handi-TRASE Unit only
  • TR85-S (Old part number: 6085K1): Handi-TRASE plus Connector 15 cm and 30 cm Waveguide Probes
  • TR85-F40 (Old part number: 6085K2): Handi-TRASE plus 40 cm Field (Slammer) Waveguide
  • TR85-FC40 (Old part number: 6085K3): Handi-TRASE plus 40 cm Coated Field (Slammer) Waveguide
TR85-S (6085) HandiTRASE

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