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PR80 Guelph Permeameter for in-situ soil hydraulic conductivity

The Guelph Permeameter from Soilmoisture Equipment for the measurement of in-situ hydraulic conductivity.

The PR80 (previously the 2800) Guelph Permeameter is a constant-head permeameter. Based on the Mariotte bubble tower principle the PR80 provides a quick and simple method for determining:

  • field saturated hydraulic conductivity,
  • matric flux potential,
  • the alpha-star (a *) parameter and
  • soil sorptivity in the field.

Measurements can be taken 30 minutes to two hours after installation, depending on soil type, and only requiring 2.5 litres of water. These measurements can be made at depths between 15 cm to 75 cm below the soil surface. Optional extensions are available in 80 cm lengths, to allow measurements at a maximum of 315 cm.

Available in two versions:

  • PR80 (Old part number: 2800K1) is a complete Guelph Permeameter kit packaged in a convenient carrying case, including
    • permeameter,
    • field tripod,
    • well auger,
    • well preparation and clean up tools,
    • collapsible water container,
    • vacuum test hand pump.
  • PR80B (Old part number: 2800K4) is a Guelph Permeameter for use as an additional installation alongside a complete PR80 kit, as it is supplied without the installation tools and carrying case.

Optional extras include ring attachments for ring infiltrometers, and tension adapters allowing measurements to be made under tension and very low head conditions.

PR80, Guelph Permeameter Kit 2800K1 for in-situ hydraulic conductivity measurements