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GG01 Gardon Gauge Water-Cooled High Heat Flux Sensor

The GG01 is a Gardon gauge water-cooled high heat flux sensor. The Gardon gauge sensor is based on copper and copper alloys and works at heat flux levels at which other sensors get toasted. Optionally, the GG01 can be equipped with a sapphire window to measure radiative heat flux only, and not convective heat flux. The GG01 has an on-board thermocouple type K and is available with various dedicated measurement ranges.

Description of the GG01 Gardon Gauge

GG01 measures heat flux in the range of 250 to 1000 x 10³ W/m². Equipped with a black absorber, heat flux sensors of this type are designed for measurement in an environment in which heat flux is dominated by radiation. Using an open detector, GG01 is also sensitive to convective heat flux.
The GG01 Gardon gauge sensor, based on thermocouple materials, generates an output voltage proportional to the incoming irradiance. A type K thermocouple measures the body temperature.

There are 3 versions of GG01; each with a different rated measurement range, sensitivity and response time.

Irradiance ranges are 250, 500 or 1000 x 10³ W/m²:

  • GG01-250 with an irradiance ranges of 250 x 10³ W/m²,
  • GG01-500 with an irradiance ranges of 500 x 10³ W/m²,
  • GG01-1000 with an irradiance ranges of 1000 x 10³ W/m²,

The body is equipped with a flange for easy mounting. The GG01-250 may be equipped with a sapphire window (GG01-250-SW), allowing the user to measure only the radiative component of the heat flux.

The sensor is water-cooled, usually supplied by tap water. All GG01s are tested to withstand a cooling water operating pressure of 10 bar.

The GG01 is made using oxygen-free high thermal conductivity copper and thin foils of a copper-nickel alloy. The benefit of this technology is that it can withstand very high heat fluxes.

About the Gardon Gauge from Hukseflux

The sensor is called “Gardon gauge” after its inventor Robert Gardon.

Hukseflux invested in brand new manufacturing and test equipment for producing modern Gardon gauges. Each sensor is tested at its rated range.