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Frost Detection

Frost damage to plants can have large impacts on crop yield and quality.  Protection of crops during frost events is dependent on the accuracy of plant temperature predictions. Quite often, air temperature is not a reliable predictor of timing, duration and severity of frost events because plant canopy temperatures can be significantly different than air temperature under certain environmental conditions. On clear, calm nights, plant leaf and flower bud temperatures can drop below freezing even if air temperature remains above 0°C. This is called a radiation frost and is due to the lack of air mixing (wind) near the surface, and a negative net longwave radiation balance at the surface.

Mimicking a leaf, the Apogee radiation frost detector is ideal for use in frost-prone regions for cropped fields, orchards or vineyards.

The MFR-NODE (LoRaWAN or CATM1/NB-IoT) supports up to 2 x SF-421-SS

The S-NODE (LoRaWAN or CATM1/NB-IoT) supports up to 4 x SF-421-SS

IoT Frost Alerts

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