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CS506 10 hour Fire Moisture Sensor

The CS506 10 hour Fire Moisture Sensor is used to measure potential fire load of dry matter. Installed in conjunction with an MFR-Node, the CS506 is an integral part of the bushfire and wildfire monitoring systems for the prediction of fuel moisture content.

With a standardised dowel, the CS506 10 hour Fire Moisture Sensor replicates the behaviour of small diameter fire fuels (such as sticks and twigs) that could be found in the area under observation. By measuring the moisture content of this dowel, the CS506 can be used to assess bushfire and wildfire fuel loads.

The CS506 is designed to be an alternative to the traditional weighing racks, providing similar performance. Using Time-Domain Reflectometry (TDR) to measure moisture content, the sensor's frequency output is supported by the MFR-Node.

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