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Field (Slammer) Probes

The Field (Slammer) Probe heavy duty Waveguides are designed for use with the HandiTRASE range of TDR soil moisture sensors.

Complete with an integral slide hammer for inserting the probes into hard, compacted or dry soils, the Field Probes are available in 2 lengths and a coated version (40cm only):

  • TRP-F30 (Old part number: 6101GL30): Field (Slammer) Probe, With 30 cm Heavy-Duty Waveguides
  • TRP-F40 (Old part number: 6101GL40): Field (Slammer) Probe, With 40 cm Heavy-Duty Waveguides
  • TRP-FC40 (Old part number: 6101F1GL40): Field (Slammer) Probe, With 40 cm Heavy-Duty Coated Waveguides
TRP-F30 Field (Slammer) Probe, 6101

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