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DYNATIM™ Series 3

DYNATIM™ Series 3 is a sensitive system recording even minimal movements of trees - or wooden constructions.

Wind is by far the dominating mechanical force on trees; the study of the dynamic behaviour of trees helps researchers understand their mechanical design and conditions of failure.

The DYNATIM™ Series 3 allows for the continuous measurement and recording of natural and artificial loads (wind, pulling), fibre strain and inclination of trees or timber structures. The results are available for graphical and numerical analysis of dynamic behaviour of tree or structural timber.

The DYNATIM™ Series 3 is available in 4 versions:

  • DNT03-B: DYNATIM™ Series 3. Basic version as extension of ARBOTOM
  • DNT03-E: DYNATIM™ Series 3. Specialised expert version.
  • DNT03-P: DYNATIM™ Series 3. Professional inspection. Basic stand-alone version for load tests.
  • DNT03-S: DYNATIM™ Series 3. Scientific 1D/2D/3D-Analysis of trees, timber and timber structures.