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DP40 Pivot Dendrometer

Pivot dendrometers are simple to install, ideally suited for the monitoring of individual branches on trees.

Measuring stem circumference changes over a range between 5mm and 40 mm, with a 0.5% accuracy, Stem Pivot Dendrometers are designed to be unaffected by temperature changes.

With SDI-12 and Voltage version (DPS40 and DPV40 respectively), as well as with a logger (DPL40), the pivot dendrometers are easy to integrate into sensing networks for the monitoring of tree and plant health.

Ideally suited for the monitoring of orchard (fruit or nut) crops as part of an integrated monitoring network, the SDI-12 and Voltage versions can be integrated into IoT networks as the SNiP-DPS (SDI-12).

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