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CI-602 Narrow Gauge Root Imager

Roots are involved in the uptake of air, water and nutrients from the soil, to the rest of the plant system. Understanding the root environment is therefore crucial for monitoring the general health of the plant and root environment in the soil. The CI-602 Narrow Gauge Root imager is capable of capturing image of the root in soil for multiple growing seasons.

The features:

  • Compatibility with transparent tubes, with inner diameter of 2 inches.
  • Additional six tubes, available lengths of 105cm and 18cm.
  • Portable for any field work.
  • Suitable for experimental studies involving ranges of treatments.
  • Preloaded with RootSnap Analysis software.
  • RootSnap software calculates: length, diameter, area, volume and branching angel.

Additional acrylic root tubes are available, in standard and 150 cm lengths (CI-600-TU/2 and CI-600-TU-6/2 respectively), as well as replacement caps (CI-600-TPS/2).

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