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CI-600 In-Situ Root Imager

The CI-600 In-Situ Root Imager is a non-destructive scientific instrument used to monitor the root growth and status collecting high-quality images.

Root development and function are vitally important for plant adaptation to the environment. The understanding of root biology is critically necessary to facilitate the improvement of crop performance, especially in the face of environmental constraints. The CI-600 is the only instrument available that enables researchers to capture non-destructive, high resolution, digital images to observe the development and function of a plant’s root system.

  • Super high-resolution image up to 23.5 million pixels
  • Linear scanning with no distortion
  • Each scan provides a 360-degree image (21.59 × 19.56cm)
  • Very portable and quick operation
  • Allows observing root growth and behavior during an entire growing season or longer
  • USB interface for laptop computer image storage

For finer roots systems, the CI-602 Narrow Gauge In-Situ Root Imager is recommended.



CI-600 In-Situ Root Imager

CI-600 Non-destructive root scanning in the field


Included tablet computer

Scanner operation in controlled via a provided, intel-powered Acer tablet with pre-installed specialty software.


One instrument, unlimited locations

Work beyond the rhizotron box – install root tubes anywhere & generate measurements from unlimited locations.



High-resolution root images

The In-Situ Root Imager is capable of producing images of up to 23.5 million pixels, with a scan resolution of up to 600 DPI.



Live-updating, 360° scans

Rotating the scanner in the tube produces live updating 360° images of the surrounding roots and soil.



Accurate root measurement

Be confident in your scan accuracy—the In-Situ Root Imager’s linear scanning system creates no image distortion to correct for later.



RootSnap! software

Use our free software RootSnap! to quickly and easily calculate root parameters such as length, area, volume, diameter & branching angle.







Image Size 21.6 × 19.6 cm (8.5″ × 7.7″)
Scan Speed 30-480 seconds* depending on scanning resolution (100DPI-600DPI)
Image Resolution Up to 600 DPI
Computer Handheld tablet
Interface USB Cable
Scan Head Dimensions 34.3 cm long × 6.35 cm diameter


Scanner Unit Weight 750g
System Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10
Requirements 1GB Memory/RAM 1GHZ+ Processor
(Windows XP and Vista may work, however we are unable to provide technical support for users of these operating systems)


* Scan speeds for handheld tablet included with scanner. Scan speeds vary with device used to operate scanner.

Root Tube Dimensions

Inner Diameter 2.5 in (6.35cm)
Outer Diameter 2.75 in (7cm)
Wall Thickness 0.12 in (3.2mm)
Standard Length 41.3 in (105cm)


CI-602 Minirhizotron Root Tube Ends (Inside)





CI-600 In-Situ Root Imager

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