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CI-202 and CI-203 Leaf Area Meters

The CI-202 and CI-203 leaf area meters enable the measurement of leaf area. A key parameter for the measurement of plant health and physiological function, the CI-202 and CI-203 measure leaf area in a non-destructive manner.

The CI-202 is a self-contained pallet format solution for high-resolution leaf area measurements. With an internal logger and processor, the CI-202 measurements can be exported using the USB connection to a computer for further processing.

A portable solution, the handheld CI-203 is ideal for sampling across a range of sites due to the inbuilt GPS receiver. With a wand format, the CI-203 enables fast single-handed measurements of attached leaves. Like the CI-202, the CI-203 contains data storage and processing functionality, as well as a USB connection for export of collected data.

For large number of leaf area measurements, the CI-203/CA Bundle is available with the CI-203 and CI-203 Conveyor in a single bundle. Designed for large samples of detached leaves, the CI-203 Conveyor is powered by an external power source allowing for rapid processing. The rollers smooth out curved leaves to allow for accurate measurements.

  • CI-202: Portable Laser Leaf Area Meter Portable Laser Leaf Area Meter – Pallet Format for fast, non-destructive area Measurements of any leaf type. Includes instrument Case.
  • CI-203: Handheld Laser Leaf Area Meter Handheld Laser Leaf Area Meter – Wand Format for fast, Single-handed Measurements of attached leaves.
  • CI-203/CA: Package of CI-203 and CI-203 Conveyor

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