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CH24 External Power Supply

CH24 Mains to Logger Power supply

The CH24 is a 100 - 240Volts AC Mains to 24Volts DC power supply adapter; capable of outputting up to 2.5Amps. It can power up 50 ICT Instruments continuously. The CH24 power supply has a stable, low ripple/noise output that is ideal for sensitive measurement systems.

ICT recommend using a 24Volts DC power supply like the CH24 to recharge ICT Instruments every 3 months to ensure longevity of internal batteries, if the instruments are stored for long and not operated.

ICT Instruments require a 8 Volts minimum to 30 Volts maximum DC power supply. The maximum battery charging external power draw set by the charge controller in a SFM1, PSY and VSL is 3.2Watts. For the AML and HFD it is 6.8Watts.

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