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Band Dendrometers

ICT International offer a range of band dendrometers for the measurement of tree and plant growth rates. The dendrometer can measure trunk, stem or branches with a minimum 80 mm diameter, with a range of 64mm before requiring adjustment. Data can be stored internally, or the dendrometer can be connected to an external logger or integrated with Internet of Things (IoT) nodes for communication of data.

Suitable for developing irrigation and fertigation strategies of trees and plants, band dendrometers are high resolution dendrometers, capable of measuring changes of 0.001 mm. All DB-60 series band dendrometers have a minimum measurement of 80mm, and an upper limit defined by the length of band tape (15m). Each dendrometer can measure 64mm before requiring adjustment.

The DB-60 series has a measurement resolution of 0.001 mm, and the DBL60 can store up to 50,000 readings (approximately 4 years at hourly intervals) whilst the DBS60 and DBV60 use external loggers with either internal storage (DEN1 or SDI-12 Logger) or IoT connection for cloud visualisation and storage (SNiP-DBS).

  • DBV60 Voltage Band Dendrometer: Voltage signal output.
  • DBL60 Logging Band Dendrometer: Self-contained logger with Infra-Red connection for downloading data.
  • DBS60 SDI-12 Band Dendrometer: SDI-12 output.
  • SNiP-DBS6 SDI-12 Band Dendrometer with S-Node for IoT Connection

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