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AWQ-pH Combination pH/Redox/Temp sensor

The AWQ-pH sensor has been designed to perform under hard conditions, from pure mountain water with conductivity as low as 20 μS/cm, lakes and rivers (100 – 2000 μS/cm), seawater with conductivities of 50 mS/cm, to wastewater with conductivity higher than 200 mS/cm.

  • pH : 0 to 14
  • Redox: -1000 to +1000 mV
  • T°C : -10°C to +50°C
  • Combination pH/Redox/Temp sensor
  • Digital Sensor: Modbus RS 485/SDI-12
  • Internal Calibration Data Storage
  • pH/ORP Cartridge

The AWQ-pH pH/Redox/Temp sensor stores calibration and history data within the sensor and features long-life Plastogel® reference technology, increasing the lifetime of the probe and reducing the need to refill. Providing Modbus RS485 and SDI-12, the AWQ-pH sensor can be connected to most commonly used data collection devices.

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