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Automatic Infiltration Meter

Infiltration data is one of the key parameters for any planning and agricultural operations, eg determine irrigation scheduling, estimation of run of, design of sprinkler system. The Automatic Infiltration Meter is designed to provide automated logging of infiltration measurements. it is ideal for researchers, because it saves time.

Two versions are available:

  • AIM1: Capacity for up to 5 tension infiltrometers.
  • AIM2: Capacity for up to 4 minidisk infiltrometers.

Both the AIM1 and AIM2 are stand-alone loggers, with an 8GB SD card providing onboard storage for later analysis. Combined with the internal battery, this provides logging options for long term, time efficient monitoring of infiltration.

With user configurable logging intervals, the user can allocate the time that is required for the soil type under analysis. Examples include 1 second intervals for sandy soil, or minutes for clay soils.

AIM1 ICT International Automatic Infiltration Meter - set up