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Apogee Thermopile Pyranometers

Measuring short-wave radiation, the Apogee Thermopile Pyranometer is a Class C (ISO 9060:2018) rated pyranometer.

In contrast to the silicon-cell pyranometer, the thermopile pyranometer is a higher accuracy and increased performance in cloudy conditions. Furthermore, it is available in both upward and downward facing versions to create an albedometer.

Available in portable, packages, or sensors with a range of outputs, the Apogee thermopile pyranometer is an ideal solution for agricultural, ecological, and hydrological weather networks. They can also be used for the measurement of global solar radiation, and optimisation of photovoltaic systems

  • Portable:
    • PP-500: Portable Thermopile pyranometer monitoring with AT-100 microCache and SP-510-SS sensor head with 30 cm cable lead and connector.
  • Sensors (all with 5 metre cables)
    • SP-510-SS: Thermopile pyranometer, analogue
    • SP-522-SS: Thermopile pyranometer, Modbus output
    • SP-610-SS: Downward-facing thermopile pyranometer, analogue
  • Albedometer
    • SP-710-SS: Thermopile albedometer package with AY-001 splitter and AW-605-SS cable
    • SP-722-SS: Thermopile albedometer, Modbus output