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Apogee Thermistors

Apogee thermistors are ideal for a wide range of environmental applications.

A robust, high accuracy thermistor temperature probe, the ST-100 is ideal for continuous measurement of air, soil, or water between -50 to 70C (depending on accuracy).

The ST-110 is ideal for air temperature measurements and can be combined with the Apogee fan aspirated radiation shields to ensure accurate measurements.

The ST-200 is a fast responding, fine wire thermistor, with an operating range between -50 to 70C (depending on accuracy).

All Apogee Thermistor models come with 5 metre cables attached.

  • ST-100: Precision thermistor temperature probe, waterproof sheath
  • ST-110-SS: Precision thermistor sensor for air temperature measurements
  • ST-200: Fine-wire thermistor temperature sensor