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Apogee Silicon-cell Pyranometers

Measuring short-wave radiation, the Apogee Pyranometer is a Class C (ISO 9060:2018) rated pyranometer.

The silicon-cell pyranometer provides a faster response, at a lower cost, than the thermopile pyranometer. Designed to maintain accurate and stable measurements, the silicon-cell pyranometer is designed for low maintenance once installed. The domed body reduces the build-up of moisture, whilst a heated version is available for to minimize errors from dew, frost, rain, or snow.

Available in handheld (with either an integral or separate meter) or packages, as well as sensors with a range of outputs, the Apogee pyranometer is an ideal solution for agricultural, ecological, and hydrological weather networks. They can also be used for the measurement of global solar radiation, and optimization of photovoltaic systems.