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Apogee Photometric Sensors

Used for the measurement of light that affects human vision, the Apogee Photometric sensors can be used for indoor or outdoor measurement.

The Apogee photometric sensors are available in two measurement ranges and in amplified, unamplified and SDI-12 outputs:

0-5,000 LUX range:

  • SE-202-SS: Photometric Sensor Amplified 0-2.5V.
  • SE-205: Photometric Sensor Amplified 0-5V.

0-150,000 LUX range:

  • SE-100-SS: Photometric Sensor Unamplified Analogue.
  • SE-212-SS: Photometric Sensor Amplified 0-2.5V.
  • SE-215-SS: Photometric Sensor Amplified 0-5V.
  • SE-421-SS: Photometric Sensor SDI-12 Output.
SE-100 Apogee Photometric Sensor (In use)

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