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Apogee NDVI Sensors

Apogee NDVI sensors are designed to measure the reflected Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) radiation bands of plant canopies. The  spectral ranges cover 650 nm ± 5 nm with 65 full-width half-maximum (Red) and 810 nm ± 5 nm with 65 full-width half-maximum (NIR).

Apogee NDSVI sensors are of the following types:

  • S2-111-SS: Upward-facing NDVI System, analogue output.
  • S2-112-SS: Downward-facing NDVI system, analogue output.
  • S2-411-SS: Upward-facing NDVI system, SDI-12.
  • S2-412-SS: Downward-facing NDVI system, SDI-12.

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