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Apogee Mounting and Levelling Brackets

Apogee provide a wide range of mounting and levelling brackets for their sensors.

Single Sensors:

  • AL-100 leveling plate is used to ensure a level surface for solar radiation sensors when mounted on a flat surface. Compatible sensors include Apogee pyranometer, pyrgeometer, and quantum sensors.
  • AL-120 is an adaptable bracket for post or pole mounting (1.3” to 2.1” diameter) to provide a level mounting. With a spring fitted between the levelling plate and the bracket to ensure easy levelling using the build bubble level. Compatible sensors include the Apogee pyranometer, pyrgeometer, and quantum sensors.
  • AM-020: Apogee PVC Sensor Platform for positioning sensors on a short term basis on tabletops and similar surfaces. Does not offer any additional levelling.

Dual Sensors:

  • AL-130 Albedometer mounting bracket provides mounts for the upward and downward pyranometer. With a pole mount option, the levelling plate includes a bubble mount to ensure a level installation.

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