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Apogee microCache Bluetooth logger

The microCache Bluetooth logger is compatible with Apogee sensors for storing data for later retrieval using a mobile device and Apogee App.

Capable of storing 400k data points, it provides the calculated values of daily light integral (DLI), and summarises data with graphical illustrations.

The microCache logger is compatible with the following sensors:

  • SQ-100X Original X Quantum,
  • SQ-500 Full-spectrum Quantum,
  • SQ-610 ePAR sensor,
  • SQ-640 Quantum Light Pollution sensor,
  • SL-510/610 Pyrgeometers,
  • SP-710 Albedometer Package,
  • S2-141 PAR-FAR sensor,
  • S2-131 Red - Far-red sensor,
  • SP-110 Silicon-cell Pyranometer,
  • SP-510-SS and SP-610-SS Thermopile Pyranometers,
  • SU-200 UV-A sensor,
  • SE-100 Photometric sensor, and
  • SI-100 Series Infrared Radiometers.

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