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Ampha P20 Portable Pollen Machine

The Ampha P20 pollen analyser is a fully portable and autonomous pollen analyser for on-site measurement of pollen.

Using crop specific chips, the Ampha P20 is the optimal device for systematic screening of pollen for phenotyping and quality control purposes.

The Ampha P20 is the ideal instrument for use in plant breeding, production research and production of pollen. Able to handle many samples, as well as routine measurements, the Ampha P20 is a portable solution for pollen analysis.

With the crop specific chips pre-programmed, the Ampha P20 is easy to use requiring only limited input from the user to perform the analysis.

A fully integrated device, the Ampha P20 contains a touchscreen (with operation wizard) to display the results after analysis. This data can also be downloaded for full review later on an external computer using AmphaSoft.

ICT International support the users of the Ampha P20 with the supply of AmphaFluid, chips and filters; please contact sales@ictinternational.com.au with your requirements.

Amphasys Ampha P20 (open case)