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ALUSYS Measuring System for Heat Flux and Temperature Survey

ALUSYS measures heat fluxes and surface temperatures in demanding environments. It is designed for industrial surveys, for example surveys of aluminium smelters / furnaces. The ALUSYS system employs dedicated sensors and electronics. Their high accuracy and sensitivity ensure that ALUSYS will still measure under circumstances where competing systems no longer perform reliable measurements; i.e. down to very low heat fluxes. The measurement and control unit, MCU, has a robust aluminium housing and accepts 12, or optionally 3, sensors. The system generates a measurement file, including a time-stamp, heat flux and temperature for all sensors. The measurement data are stored in the MCU and are later downloaded to a PC. The user is responsible for data analysis. A PC or the Keyboard Display may be used for real time measurement review and control of the data storage.

With HF01 heat flux sensors
Powered and charged using a low voltage, ALUSYS is safe to use. The system can operate for a limited time on MCU’s internal rechargeable battery. For all information on the HF01 heat flux and surface temperature sensors, see the HF01 manual. Optionally other sensor models may be used.

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