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Agri-Therm II

The Agri-Therm II™ is an infrared thermometer. Handheld and non-contact, the AGRI-THERM II™ is used for the measurement of surface temperatures for research in agronomy and environmental science.

Key plant physiological parameters (eg crop water index-CWSI)  for decision making can be drawn from the measurements using the Agri-Therm II™.

Using an adjustable focus system, the Agri-Therm II™ can measure from a single pine needle to a whole crop canopy. The variable focus, variable field of view and variable target spot size allows these measurements to be made.

Agri-Therm II™ Measurements:

  • Temperature range -40°C To +100°C.
  • Accuracy ±0.5°C with tenth degree resolution.
  • Response time: <1 second.
  • Field of view: 4° to 20° with Vario-Zoom™.

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