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The AD-NODE is designed for those requiring precision in their analogue and digital measurements. The AD-NODE supports:

  • 2 x 0–1.5 V inputs
  • 1 x thermistor input
  • 1 x 4–20 mA input
  • 4 x Dry-contact digital inputs (capable of simultaneously sampling at 1 kHz, with periodic reporting)

The AD-NODE is ideally suited to the following applications, and sensors:

  • Dendrometry, supporting up to 2 x DBV60 Band Dendrometers.
  • Soil Moisture, supporting 1 x MP406
  • Microclimate, supporting the ATH-2A for accurate air temperature and relative humidity
  • Water level, supporting the ECL 8439 Submersible Pressure Transmitter

Settings on the device can be altered remotely via LoRaWAN™ or locally via USB.

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