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CI-600 and CI-602 acrylic root tube parts

The CID-600 In-Situ root analyser uses acrylic tubes to allow for easy access to the underground root structure. Additional tubes for use in long term experiments and replacement caps are available.

In 2 sizes for both the CI-600 and CI-602, the replacement tubes are available in two lengths:

Tubes for the CI-602 (2" diameter):

  • CI-600-TU/2: Standard Length
  • CI-600-TU-6/2: 183 cm Length

Tubes for the CI-600 (2.5" diameter):

  • CI-600-TU/2.5: Standard Length
  • CI-600-TU-6/2.5: 183 cm Length

Tube Plugs:

The tube plugs are supplied as a set of both top and bottom plug. The bottom plug is custom machined and fitted with a rubber o-ring for a watertight seal, custom machined top cap has foam, insert to reduce condensation.

  • CI-600 TPS/2
  • CI-600 TPS/2.5
CI-600 Minirhizotron Root Tube

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