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3010-GWK1 Gas-Exchange Chamber

The 3010-GWK1 Gas-Exchange Chamber is optimised for gas exchange measurements. The Gas-Exchange Chamber can be operated with the GFS-3000 or as stand-alone instrument (requires Interface 3010-I/GWK and PC).

Surfaces are nickel-plated aluminium or brass parts or in some parts use of stainless steel.

Temperature control with air-cooled Peltier elements (10 degree below ambient to +50 °C) and cuvette ventilation with transversal fan.

Sample area: 14 cm x 10 cm.

Includes sensors for leaf temperature (thermocouple), cuvette temperature, min./max. temperature, relative humidity, internal and external PAR.


  • Lid: Flat standard lid (or other design on customer request with surcharge)
  • Inner volume: 840 ml (cooling part) + 250 ml (with flat standard lid)

For laboratory use, with AC Power Supply 3020-N (included).


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