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  • Soil Bulk Density Kit

    Soil Bulk Density Kits (BDK0)

    The BDK0 Bulk density kit is a low cost, high precision kit for collecting bulk density samples. It is an ideal tool for determining the soil volumetric water content and calibration of the soil water content measurement sensors. Bulk density of the soil is the ratio of the mass of the dried soil to the…

  • DBS60 Band Dendrometer


    IoT connected dendrometers from ICT International provide measurement logging and connectivity making them ideal for measurement of tree or plant growth, either through diameter (point dendrometer) or circumference (band dendrometer). The range of IoT connected devices are detailed below, including node options for each dendrometer type.

  • IoT measurement of canopy temperature

    Leaf and Canopy Temperature

    ICT International leaf and canopy temperature measurement solutions are all available with IoT connectivity using LoRaWAN or CAT-M1/NB-IoT connections. Accurate measurements of leaf and plant canopy temperature, combined with other environmental variables, allows estimation of canopy transpiration and crop stress using a calculation such as Crop Water Stress Index (CWSI).

  • Plant Monitoring Station 1 (SNiP-PMS)

    Leaf Wetness

    Leaf wetness refers to the presence of free water on the canopy, and is caused by intercepted rainfall, dew, or guttation. The duration of the time period during which the leaves are wet is generally referred to as leaf wetness duration (LWD). ICT International provide IoT Nodes that can connect up to 4 Leaf Wetness…

  • IoT Pasture Monitoring SNiP

    Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)

    Real time NDVI monitoring system for pasture, turf and plant management and research, supporting LoRaWAN, CAT-M1 and NB-IoT. NDVI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index) is calculated from measurements of electromagnetic radiation reflected from plant canopy surfaces. NDVI is a standardised index use to measure the state of plant health. Leaf chlorophyll absorbs red light (approximately 680mm),…

  • PMS-100 Scale

    PWS-100 Precision Scale

    The PWS-100 Precision Scale continuously measures applied irrigation quantities or rates of transpiration in small to medium size potted plants. Plants are placed on the scale and the weight is transmitted continuously at user defined intervals. The amount of weight over time is a direct measure of water applied to, or loss from the plant.

  • Stem Psychrometer

    PSY1 Psychrometer (Stem & Leaf) for plant water potential

    The ICT International Psychrometer is a unique, non-destructive, and continuous in-situ logging device for measuring plant water potential, in ecophysiology and plant hydraulic conductance experiments.

  • PSY1 Psychrometer Clamp

    Psychrometer Clamps and Osmotic Potential Insulator

    Psychrometer clamps and osmotic potential insulator (OPI) are recommended accessories to secure the chamber in place during the installation. Clamps ensures that the chamber remains intact to a plant stem or leaf, while the OPI houses the chamber to provide a thermally insulated boundary.

  • Psychrometer Installation Kit PSY-IK

    The PSY-IK Psychrometer Installation Kit provides the necessary components for the installation of both PSY1-Stem Psychrometer and PSY1-Leaf Psychrometer. Please note: the PSY-IK Psychrometer Installation Kit does not include the Stem Clamps and the Leaf Clamp, that have to be ordered separately.

  • SMT100 Soil Moisture Turf

    Soil Moisture

    IoT Soil Moisture Measurement

  • IoT Soil Oxygen Monitoring SNiP

    Soil Oxygen

    Remotely monitor anaerobic soil conditions in agriculture, mining or landfills with the ICT International IoT based soil oxygen system. The Apogee soil oxygen sensor is used to continuously monitor soil oxygen concentration; which is crucial to the productivity of crops such as avocado, cotton, tomato and tobacco. Anaerobic soil conditions prevent uptake of water as the…

  • IoT Soil Heat Flux Monitoring SNiP

    Soil Temperature and Heat Flux

    Soil temperature and heat flux measurements are closely related to soil moisture content.

  • Sap Flow Dashboards (all) in Eratos

    Eratos Data Platform and Dashboard

    Eratos is a Data Infrastructure Platform solving the way organisations and individuals make informed decisions about the world we live in. Eratos makes finding and accessing disparate data at scale effortless, with interoperability and reusability built into its DNA. On Eratos, you can access, build, collaborate and share data, models and solutions. Particular focus to…

  • Daily ETo using Eratos

    Evapotranspiration (ETo and ETc) Workflow

    Evapotranspiration is calculated using the FAO Penman-Monteith method with sensor measurements of air temperature, humidity, wind speed and solar radiation.

  • SNiP-AW5-SL Schematic Sensor AWS500 Node Package

    Evapotranspiration Monitoring Station

    The ICT International Evapotranspiration Monitoring Station is an integrated weather stations to measure and monitor evapotranspiration by measuring solar radiation, air temperature, relative humidity, and wind speed. With these measured values, the Penman-Monteith method is applied to calculate the reference crop evapotranspiration (ETo) and crop evapotranspiration (ETc).   Why measure evapotranspiration?  Evapotranspiration is the combined loss…

  • SFM1x on False sandalwood

    SFM1x Sap Flow Meter with IoT connectivity

    The SFM1x Sap Flow Meter is an IoT  sap flow sensor for the measurement of tree and plant water use. IoT connection via LoRaWAN or NB-IoT.