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  • CH24 connected to logger example

    CH24 External Power Supply

    CH24 Mains to Logger Power supply The CH24 is a 100 – 240Volts AC Mains to 24Volts DC power supply adapter; capable of outputting up to 2.5Amps. It can power up 50 ICT Instruments continuously. The CH24 power supply has a stable, low ripple/noise output that is ideal for sensitive measurement systems. ICT recommend using…

  • HFD8 Sap Flow Meter Installed

    HFD1 and HFD2 Installation Kit

    The HFD1 and HFD2 Installation Kit for the Heat Deformation Sap Flux Meter is ordered in addition to HFD1 and HFD2. The installation kit comes with the following tools and accessories:

  • Psychrometer Installation Kit PSY-IK

    The PSY-IK Psychrometer Installation Kit provides the necessary components for the installation of both PSY1-Stem Psychrometer and PSY1-Leaf Psychrometer. Please note: the PSY-IK Psychrometer Installation Kit does not include the Stem Clamps and the Leaf Clamp, that have to be ordered separately.