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  • AD-NODE-L1

    AD-NODE with LoRaWAN communications

  • MFR Node in use


    The MFR-NODE has been designed to provide flexible communication, sensor and power options. The MFR-NODE supports SDI-12, four 32-bit dry-contact counting digital inputs and four single-ended (two differential) 0 – 3 V analogue inputs, with selectable 12 V, 5 V or 2.5 V excitation and a 0-100khz frequency input. With an onboard SD-Card, the MFR-NODE…

  • S-Node Internal

    S-NODE IoT Node

    The S-NODE has been designed to support the broad suite of SDI-12 based environmental sensors and includes four on-board sensor inputs and the capacity to support additional sensors which are bussed externally. With a power system based upon either a 6.5 Ah or 13A h rechargeable lithium-ion battery or external DC power source, the S-NODE…