Our History

The ICT International Story
Importer to Global Exporter

Peter Cull Cotton Field with Neutron Probe

ICT International Pty Ltd commenced operation in 1982

Dr Peter Cull finished his PhD “Irrigation Scheduling of Cotton by Computer”. Empowered by the findings, Peter encouraged farmers to adopt better irrigation and water management practices. Supplying farmers, the tools, training and guidance as a complete service allowed the adoption of better practices. These tools included the Neutron Probe (for soil moisture measurement) and “the PROBE” irrigation scheduling software.

Peter with Infra-Red Thermometer
1980 – 2000's

Tools for Water Use

Peter consults across 24,000ha of cotton, specialising in irrigation scheduling and insect management. During this time, Peter continues to introduce new technologies to farmers. Developing tools and technologies to measure whole farm water use, Peter continues to drive the adoption of new technologies. These include infrared thermometry, portable leaf porometers and dendrometers. Peter undertook detailed studies examining the cause and effects of soil compaction by farm machinery. These were undertaken as the Australian cotton industry adopted new soil management best practices for wet clay (vertisol) soils after rain or irrigation..

2000 - 2010

Commenced R&D Programme

In 2006 we realised we were importing product lines that were not advancing our customers' need to improve water use efficiency. Our customers were demanding precision, low powered, microprocessor plug and play instruments. This need was not being met. To address our customers' problems, we actively collaborated with the best plant, soil, and environmental scientists globally and in Australia. The result: a unique family of plant science instrumentation, including the digital Sap Flow Meter and Psychrometer.

2013 Premiers Export Award Finalist

Premier's NSW Export Awards

Highly Commended (Agribusiness category). This annual event recognises the success and resilience of NSW exporters and their achievements in the international market. The awards acknowledge the important contribution exporters make to our economy through job creation and increased prosperity for their community and for the state. ICT International successfully exports to 50+ countries each year. The customers being the leading universities and research in plant science and ecophysiology in each country.


NSW Business Chamber Export Award

Highly Commended. This annual event recognises the success and contribution of NSW business to develop technology and export this technology in the international market. It is Australian “home grown” technology and so is making a significant contribution to the NSW economy.


Regional Development Australia Northern Inland Innovation Awards

ICT International was the best and most innovative business in Northern NSW in 2013. The selection was based on the development and export of both the SFM1 sap flow and PSY1 stem psychrometer. Both products contributing significantly to plant science and ecophysiology in many countries of the world

WestPac Business of Tomorrow, 2018

Westpac Businesses of Tomorrow

ICT International was one of 200 Australian businesses awarded a “Business of Tomorrow” by Westpac Bank’s Australia wide competition. Businesses were evaluated on criteria such as Business Purpose, Capabilities and Strength and Future.


Manufacturing Facility Expansion

In March 2020 we celebrated the launch of our expanded manufacturing facility. A facility designed to support the increasing global demand for our scientific quantitative monitoring technologies. The Hon. Adam Marshall, Minister for Agriculture and Western NSW; gave the opening address, with the NSW Chief Scientist Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte giving the keynote address. ICT International partnered with the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre for the opening, represented by Mr Michael Sharpe, National Director Industry.


Celebrating 40 years of Innovation

ICT International celebrated 40 years of innovation with the release of the latest and most innovative product to date. The SFM1x sapflow meter which is IoT enabled and able to transmit in real time tree water use in litres from any tree in any location on the planet.