SFM1C Installed with Dendrometer in Orchard

Our Capabilities

"We recognised the need to innovate to produce new scientific instruments needed by scientists to better understand how plants respond to the environment" - Dr Peter Cull


ICT International delivers scientifically and commercially validated sensors and monitoring systems for the continuous measurement and monitoring of key environmental parameters. These sensors and monitoring systems are used in both scientific research and commercial decision making applications across numerous industries including: agriculture (e.g. crop water requirements), aquaculture (water quality & salinity), natural environment (weather), urban & commercial forestry (tree water requirements & tree health), smart cities (air quality & weather) and mine sites (environmental & rehabilitation management).

ICT International’s scientific foundations ensure the rigorous assessment and selection of relevant, actionable biophysical parameters to support robust environmental and commercial decisions. This requires the best sensing technologies available globally to deliver measurement and monitoring solutions. ICT International will identify the necessary sensing and monitoring solutions to meet these needs; when a solution does not exist, develop solutions through partnerships with universities and industry.

For over 40 years, ICT International has worked with the scientific and research community to deliver better global research outcomes in soil, plant and environmental monitoring. ICT International sensors have been used in over 800 research papers in Google Scholar, with research applications and industry adoption worldwide. ICT International delivers innovative products and solutions to industry, pioneered by the scientific community. This history of translating research projects into commercial applications, as well as success in new product development, ensures that ISO 9001:2015-certified ICT International delivers:

  • Sensing solutions for use in research and industry applications in agriculture, aquaculture, environmental, urban and mineral resources: ICT International have developed a complete range of sensors for measuring plant water use, plant water stress, plant growth and soil moisture. ICT International also has long term relationships with leading global manufacturers of sensors for the measurement of environmental parameters.
  • Internet of Things Solutions: measuring and monitoring solutions connected via IoT networks to enable continuous data driven decision making
  • Commercialisation Services: transform scientific research and solutions into commercial applications. The turnkey process includes market identification, development of new products and applications, manufacturing and distribution
  • Specialised hire: ICT International have a range of specialist instruments for hire from leading international manufacturers and suppliers. These are ideal to demonstrate the capabilities of a sensor before implementation, or for short-term projects.

Products and services include assessment and development of sensing & monitoring solutions and commercialisation services based on client requirements:

  • proven sensing solutions which can include up to 10-15 types of measurements for use in:
    • agriculture:
      • plant water use
      • plant water stress
      • plant water potential
      • plant growth
      • soil moisture measurement
      • soil water potential measurement
      • soil salinity measurement.
    • urban:
      • weather
      • surface (infrared) temperature
      • solar, ultraviolet & PAR radiation
      • tree health & condition
      • air quality.
    • mining:
      • soil oxygen, moisture and temperature
      • plant water use (species selection)
      • water depth & quality.
    • Internet of Things Solutions for Industry 4.0 and Agriculture 4.0 applications include:
      • communication solutions
      • data handling
      • data storage & access.
    • Commercialisation Services – turnkey process including design, development and manufacture of specialised sensors following a robust Research and Development process:
      • work with leading national and international universities to develop new sensors and monitoring solutions
      • undertake continual development of existing solutions.

ICT International can solve the data and communication challenges faced in scientific research and industry applications for plant, soil and environmental monitoring. Experience in supporting sensor networks in areas as diverse as the Daintree Rainforest (wet tropical QLD), irrigated & dryland cropping systems (eastern Australia) and the world’s tallest trees (northern California), ensures appropriate solutions. ICT International have the knowledge and experience to setup and maintain measurement and monitoring of the many varied parameters encountered in these diverse applications.

A comprehensive capability statement is available upon request, please contact ICT International.