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For over 15 ICT International has been developing the PSY1.


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The SFM1x Sap Flow Meter is a versatile instrument, capable of being used in many environments. Widely used by scientists to measure plant and tree water use, the SFM1x is also used in the management of urban trees, remediation of mine sites and monitoring of significant trees and plants.

SFM1x Sap Flow Meter

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This application showed how the SFM1 enabled the measurement of how trees share nutrients. Read more here >


The HRM30, SFM1 and SFM1x feature in over 400 publications. A selected list can be found here

Link, P., Simonin, K., Maness, H., Oshun, J., Dawson, T., & Fung, I. (2014). Species differences in the seasonality of evergreen tree transpiration in a Mediterranean climate: Analysis of multiyear, half-hourly sap flow observations. Water Resources Research, 50(3), 1869–1894.
Johnson, K. M., Lucani, C., & Brodribb, T. J. (2022). In vivo monitoring of drought-induced embolism in Callitris rhomboidea trees reveals wide variation in branchlet vulnerability and high resistance to tissue death. New Phytologist, 233(1), 207–218.


ICT International provide detailed manuals and installation guides, as well as the calculations used by the instruments to enable calculations to be performed on the data collected.

ICT International take pride in the quality of the science that underpins their instruments. Relying on the first principles of science, the calculations are available in Python and R scripts, and can be used to undertake detailed analysis of data.

Publications, case studies and applications for the SFM1x Sap Flow Meter, as well as installation guidance, configuration and calculations.
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