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International Horticulture Conference and Plant Water Relations

August 14, 2014 9:33 am

ICT International will be attending the International Horticultural Conference in Brisbane to advanced research in plant water relations. ICT International will be hosting Professor Mike Dixon, University of Guelph, and invite you to personally meet Professor Mike Dixon to discuss his and your research. please see below for the invitation.

Professor Dixon and his students will be presenting ground breaking research on plant water relations at the Conference. These presentations will be given during Symposium 5 on Water Deficit Impacts on Plants, to be held in the Mezzanine Room 1, on Thursday 21st August, from 1.30pm.

Professor Dixon is a world leading scientist in plant water relations and inventor of psychometric technique of measuring plant water potential. ICT International, in collaboration with Professor Dixon, developed the PSY1 Stem Psychrometer which allows scientists to continuously monitor plant water potential. The PSY1 is an improvement on the old pressure bomb, or plant water status console, technique of measuring leaf water potential in that it is a continuous and non-destructive measurement of water potential.

Mr Alec Downey from ICT International will also be attending the Conference where you can discuss your research on sap flow and plant water potential. ICT International is the world leading manufacturer of sap flow equipment for scientific research. The SFM1 Sap Flow Meter measures sap flow via the Heat Ratio Method (HRM) and it can also be configured to measure sap flow via the Compensation Heat Pulse Method (CHPM) or the Tmax Method. The HFD8 Heat Field Deformation instrument is also now available.

For more information contact ICT International ( or Alec Downey (