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Tree Selection for Urban Heat Management, Minesite Remediation and Wastewater Disposal


Measuring sap flow in plants does not only give information about total water use, but it can also offer insights into drought responses of the plant. To select trees for bioremediation, water use must be considered. Measured with the SFM1x Sap Flow Meter, the species with the desired characteristic can be selected. Trees are an effective way of managing waste or recycled water, reducing the need for extensive containment solutions for waste water. Additionally, the use of appropriate species also offers biodiversity and habitat for fauna.


SFM1x Sap Flow Meter MP406 Soil Moisture Sensor


Tree species selection for water management using sap flow and psychrometer

Sap Flow, Irrigation and Drought

Sap flow patterns in response to drought is also clear to understand. For example, if the peak sap flow decline, it indicates that the plant is experiencing soil moisture deficit.

Unlike many conventional species selection activities, the selection of species for bioremediation often requires finding trees which require an increased amount of water.

Rehabilitation work undertaken at Stawell, VIC, saw the planting of three species that were then monitored for a further 18 months to understand the tolerance to the local climate.


Disposal of waste water

Using SFM to select “thirsty” trees