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IoT Enabled Urban Catchment Water Quality Monitoring Project


The South Creek corridor in Western Sydney is central to the future sustainability and livability of the Western Parkland City. Improving the health of waterways is also essential in protecting aquatic biodiversity and groundwater dependent ecosystems. Therefore, the water quality data generated has been instrumental for monitoring the effect of development and urban growth in the South West Growth Area/upper South Creek catchment.  


AWQ-pH Combination pH/Redox/Temp sensor AWQ-DO Sensor for Dissolved Oxygen AWQ-C4E Digital Conductivity/Salinity Sensor IoT Water Quality Monitoring Station



ICT International installed a network of LoRaWAN based water quality monitoring stations in the Camden area. Water quality data generated has been used to monitor the effect of development and urban growth in the South West Growth Area/upper South Creek catchment; with monitoring sites located along Kolombo Creek and South Creek providing publicly available near real-time data (updated at 15-minute intervals). 


The public nature of the monitoring sites required a customised sensor and cable housing, and node mounting infrastructure solution.

Sensors used:

  • AWQ-C4E for water temperature, EC, salinity, TDS-KCI. 
  • AWQ-pH for pH, Redox. 
  • AWQ-DO for Dissolved Oxygen. 
  • AWQ-NTU for Turbidity. 


Supported by the S-NODE,  LoRaWAN communications have been employed and integrated with the sensors.