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Wind Alarm System for Schools

Wind Alarm

PLC School in Sydney required a wind speed alarm to ensure children do not play outside when the wind is strong enough to break branches off trees and potentially injure someone. To achieve this, a weather station was installed on the roof of one of the PLC buildings, continuously monitoring wind speed.

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MCC Server software was written to:
a) Accept alarms coming from the weather station and e-mail them to the appropriate person, and
b) regularly download data from the weather station, and other sensors.

Weather Station Data

The weather station also continuously gathers data (wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure). The logged data is transferred via the MCC to the MCC server software, where it is processed, and placed in a MySQL database. Weather station data is then accessed by school staff and used in teaching and science experiments. The server software can also be configured to produce an e-mail with recent weather station data each time it performs a data download.

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The weather station is connected wirelessly to the MCC using an RF link across the school campus. The MCC is connected to the MCC Server software via RS485. When wind speed crosses a threshold, an alarm is generated. This alarm is transmitted to the MCC and passed to the MCC server software. MCC server software then e-mails the alarm to the OHS department, alerting them to increased wind speed conditions.

Sap Flow

The weather station also acts as an RF repeater for a Sap Flow Meter which is outside the MCC range. Sap Flow Meter data is also downloaded regularly, processed and placed in a MySQL database where it can be accessed by teachers and used in science classes.