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Waterway Crossings Case Study IoT

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ICT International LoRaWAN Survey Armidale Public Road Waterway Crossings

Application: Establish LoRaWAN connectivity at public road waterway crossings within Armidale city.
Location: Armidale, NSW. Products: Nexus8, Multi-Tech Conduit, Multi-Tech mDot Box.
Measured Parameters: LoRa signal strength (RSSI).
Outcomes: LoRaWAN connectivity at road waterway crossings provides scope for the installation of a flood warning system for road closure at floodways.


ICT International operates a public LoRaWAN network on The Things Network (TTN) which currently provides AU915 coverage to approximately 95% of the Armidale (NSW) urban area. The network utilises two 8 channel LoRaWAN gateways located on the southern and northern valley slopes. Maximum recorded range to date is 17.2km from the northern gateway and 12.9km from the southern gateway. As part of capability mapping to strategic infrastructure and application locations, ICT International undertook a coverage survey to all public road waterway crossings within Armidale city vicinity. Such information can be utilised by network users, such as council, in managing roadway operations and initialising road closure in the event of flooding. The signal strength survey establishes connectivity between points of data collection (gateways) and points of data transmission (nodes); network constraints can then be identified, and if required, improvements made.

ICT International provide a suite of LoRaWAN enabled water level monitoring solutions, including ultrasonic, submersible pressure, float switch, shaft encoder sensors.

The LoRaWAN Network provides coverage to all road crossings of major and minor waterways, including along Dumaresq Creek from Weirs Rd to the Commissioners Waters confluence. Marginal signal strength of -129dBi at Weirs Rd Dumaresq Creek crossing could be improved by installation of a high gain Yagi antenna.