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Soil Column and Salinity Research at UWS

ICT International recently visited Dr. Dharma Hagare and Mr Muhit Rahman, School of Computing, Engineering & Mathematics, University of Western Sydney. These scientists are performing world leading research into the effects of salt accumulation in soils from irrigation practices.

The experiments involve setting up soil columns and simulating irrigation with recycled water (treated wastewater) used on experimental farms in Australia.

Soil Moisture Soil Column

Decagon’s GS3 Sensor, which can measure moisture content, salinity (bulk EC) and temperature, were installed in the soil columns to monitor salinity dynamics. Pore water samplers, or suction lysimeters, were also installed in the soil columns. This equipment enables the researchers to directly sample soil solution in the columns and undertake salinity measurements.

Pore Water Sampler Soil Column

The data collected are used in various models (such as, HYDRUS 1D) to assess the effects of salinity in agricultural practices. It can also be used for sports fields, turf farming, and forestry. The research will not only benefit Australians but also individuals in other countries where salinity is an issue, such as Saudi Arabia, United States, and parts of Africa.

Salinity Soil Column