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Quantifying Anaerobic Soil Conditions

The SOM1 Soil Oxygen Meter with the ICTO2 Soil Oxygen Sensor can be used to continuously monitor soil oxygen concentration. A common application is continuously monitoring soil oxygen concentration for anaerobic conditions which is important for economic plants such as rice, avocado, tomato and tobacco.

The SOM1 Soil Oxygen Meter was used to monitor the soil oxygen concentration of tobacco plants which were experimentally placed in waterlogged conditions.

The experiment was conducted by a PhD Student, Ruth Shaw, at The University of Adelaide, South Australia. The project is ongoing but preliminary results have been encouraging.

Graph 1 is an example data set from the experiment, showing the oxygen concentration over a 3 day period. Oxygen started at 20.9% when the plants were completely immersed in the water. The plant roots and soil microbes quickly exhausted the oxygen supply leaving the soil anaerobic.

Anaerobic Conditions