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Measuring the efficacy of mycorrhizae in reducing drought stress

Measuring the efficacy of mycorrhizae in reducing drought stress in transplanted trees using Automated Stem Psychrometers

*Mike Dixon, *Josh Kervin, *Polina Bam, *Tom Graham, *Ping Zhang, **Bob Reeves and ***Alec Downey

University of Guelph in collaboration with **Root Rescue Environmental Ltd., Connon Nurseries and ***ICT International Pty. Ltd.

International Horticulture Congress, Brisbane, Australia, 2014

  • Demonstrate efficacy of a custom consortium of mycorrihizae to mitigate water stress in transplanted nursery trees in compliance with CFIA registration
  • Carry out field trials of the wireless automated stem psychrometer as a means to monitor plant water status



Eucalyptus victrix – Extreme Environment
Sequoiadendron giganteum – Tall Trees
Thuja occidentalis – Instrument Trials
Tsuga canadensis – Correlation with Cavitation

Ornamental Nursery:
Efficacy of water stress management
Metasequoia glyptostroboides
Syringa reticulata
Thuja nigra
+ additional species

Field Crops:
Coffee – stress & recovery
Cotton – sensitivity to soil water potential
Corn – drought & cavitation
Tomato – drought response mechanisms
Squash – Hollow Herbaceous Stems

Greenhouse Crops:
Irrigation management
Cut Roses