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Lysimeters and Landfills

ICT International recently installed a lysimeter at a landfill for City of Ballarat Council, Victoria, Australia. Water movement at the landfill needed to be monitored in order to maintain and uphold the best environmental protection standards. A phytocap was installed over a cell with maximum capacity in order to prevent rainfall and leachate polluting the surrounding environment. ICT International installed MP406 Soil Moisture Sensors, tipping bucket drain gauges, and an AWS Automatic Weather Station, configured to automatically measure evapotranspiration, at the site. With these monitoring equipment a total water budget could be accounted for at the landfill. SRG0 Stainless Steel Rain Gauge, connected to the AWS Automatic Weather Station, measures rainfall (water input). The MP406 Soil Moisture Sensors, connected to the SMM Soil Moisture Meter, measure infiltration into the soil profile. And the tipping bucket drain gauges measure water flowing out of the phytocap.

All data from the site is being sent to the MCC2G Wireless Data Logger which then sends the data to a server for download over the internet. In this way, data from the site can be downloaded any time and anywhere in the world.

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Below are a number of pictures of the installation and monitoring equipment:


An image of the monitoring equipment on top of the newly installed phytocap.


The SMM Soil Moisture Meters, AML Advanced Multi-Function Loggers and AWS Automatic Weather Stations at the landfill. Data is being sent to the internet for remote download via the MCC.


The AWS Automatic Weather Station with the SRG0 Stainless Steel Rain Gauge in the foreground.