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ICT Wireless Button Control

The ICT Wireless Button Controller (WBC) is a simple single-button remote control device for use with ICT loggers, allowing the user to remotely trigger logging of single samples from connected sensors.

Current users of the WBC include an orchard, where the WBC is being used with a LSM and linear PAR sensors, mounted on a vehicle, to measure light above and below the canopy; the WBC is also being used with a TSM and Infrared temperature sensors to log spot measurements of leaf surface temperature for plant stress monitoring.

The WBC features single button action with two LED’s for user feedback, including:
– Indication of selected command
– Indication of successful connection and completed command
– Indication of failed command
– Device Pairing indication

The WBC is a low-power design, with low idle power draw, operating off 1 factory fitted CR2032 Lithium Coil Cell Battery.

Using the WBC, users have the ability to insert null measurements as markers.

The WBC connects to the VSL with the strongest radio signal, essentially pairing based on proximity. Controls all VSL (Voltage Sensor Logger) based ICT loggers. (Requires R1-5-4/R1-5-5 firmware or newer)

Dimensions: 100mm x 60mm x 20mm (L x W x H)