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Award-winning Ethylene Analyzer to Be Featured at American Society of Horticultural Science Conference


Camas, WA, United States – CID Bio-Science is pleased to announce the award-winning CI-900 Portable Ethylene Analyzer will be featured at the American Society of Horticultural Science (ASHS) Annual Meeting in July. The CI-900 will be featured at the ASHS workshop “New Innovations in Commercial Horticultural Applications” in a session led by one of the instrument’s designers, Application Scientist Andrea Melnychenko. The instrument will be introduced along with recent research and applications for ethylene analysis in greenhouses and controlled atmosphere storage using the CI-900.

“Until now, ethylene has been a wildcard in horticultural product processing. This instrument brings lab-quality ethylene analysis to producers for a reasonable cost,” said Melnychenko, noting that “even trace amounts of ethylene can adversely affect outcomes for harvest, processing and storage.” In addition to ethylene (C2H4), the CI-900 measures CO2 and O2 for applications in monitoring growth chambers, greenhouses, storage facilities, controlled atmosphere environments, and Modified Atmosphere Packaging. Winner of the 2014 Gases & Instrumentation Award for Gas Analysis and Detection, the CI-900 makes precise ethylene management possible anywhere, from large-scale storage operations to 6 mL samples of gas.


Highlights/Key Facts:

–    The CI-900 measures 3 gases: Ethylene (C2H4) O2, and CO2
–    The CI-900 Ethylene Gas Analyzer won the 2014 Gases & Instrumentation International Golden Gas Award for Gas Analysis and Detection:   http://www.gasesmag.com/PRESS_Release_2014_Awards.pdf
–    The American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS) is one of the most respected and influential professional societies for horticultural scientists.
–    ASHS 2014 will be held in Orlando, Florida from July 28 – 31, with over a thousand attendees.


Additional CI-900 product information available:



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 About CID Bio-Science, Inc.: www.cid-inc.com has been providing research scientists with plant science tools since 1989: www.cid-inc.com.

Supporting Information About Ethylene (C2H4):

Ethylene is a natural plant hormone, sometimes called the plant “death hormone” because it not only accelerates growth and plant maturity, but also aging and decay. Plant tissues naturally emit ethylene even after harvest. Many fruits and flowers are extremely reactive to ethylene, and unmanaged ethylene levels can reduce product quality and shorten shelf-life. Ethylene management offers a new level of quality control to horticultural product producers.

Felix Instruments Ethylene Analyzer wins the “Golden Gas Award”

April 8, 2014 – Camas, WA

On February 11, 2014 Gases and Instrumentation International magazine awarded Felix Instruments – Applied Food Science and their F-900 Ethylene Gas Analyzer the “Golden Gas Award.”  Each year a company is recognized for their excellence in designing an instrument that aids in the detection and analysis of gases. The F-900 Ethylene Gas Analyzer will be featured in the March/April issue of Gases and Instrumentation Magazine.

The new F-900 Portable Ethylene Gas Analyzer from Felix Instruments – Applied Food Science is the first truly portable solution for monitoring and testing ethylene gas both in the field and in the lab. The F-900 is a real-time trace gas monitor that measures C2H4 with parts-per-billion (ppb) sensitivity. The F-900 achieves accurate readings of ethylene as low as 10 ppb in air using electrochemical sensor technology, and employs proprietary PolarCept™ filtering technology (patent pending) to mitigate interfering gases. Additional optional sensors measure CO2 (ppm) and concentrations of O2 .

The F-900 is a multi-purpose tool with optional sensor arrays that adapt the instrument for analyzing dynamic processes in field research, post-harvest research, and environmental monitoring. Fresh fruit growers and packers apply the device for facility inspection, warehouse monitoring, and ripening rooms.  Plant physiologists find its high sensitivity and portability make the F-900 ideal for in vivo studies of fruit in the field, greenhouse, or laboratory, and adding optional CO2 sensors enables simultaneous measurement of carbon flux down to 0.1 ppm resolution. The optional O2 sensor and analog data output allow the device to operate as a controller for a small-scale controlled atmosphere installations, ripening rooms, or cold storage facilities.  Low-maintenance and designed for non-specialists, the F-900 Ethylene Gas Analyzer’s user-friendly interface is easy for workers at all skill levels to use, making it possible to precisely manage ethylene at every stage of produce production, from stem to sale.

The F-900 is manufactured by Felix Instruments – Applied Food Science, a newly formed subsidiary of CID Bio-Science, Inc., which has been providing research scientists with plant science tools since 1989: www.cid-inc.com.