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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

2200 Ha Grain Farm

ICT International installed a wireless communication network across a 2200 Ha grain farm in NSW. This network consolidates and transfers data collected from a broader network of wireless dataloggers to a 3G base station, where it is then transferred to a cloud based data server.

Locations and Wireless Transmission Paths

System Configuration:
SMM Soil Moisture Meters
AWS Automatic Weather Station
ICT Telemetry Hub – Both Dual RF Repeater and GSM hubs

RF Repeater hubs are used to collect data from instruments out of range of the main GSM hub. The data can be relayed between RF hubs until it reaches the base GSM hub, where the data is uploaded to the cloud. This allows for very long range wireless communication, as well as remote setup of instrument parameters without having to visit the remote installation site.