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Using soil moisture profiles to manage irrigation for maize

Findings : The importance of understanding the soil characteristics of individual . . . Read More

Selecting trees by water use for hot and dry conditions

Findings : Prolonged and more frequent hot and dry weather is a threat to many tr . . . Read More

Measuring how Kauri trees share water

Findings : When two trees of the same species are close to one another, they are . . . Read More

Using IoT to manage parkland irrigation

Findings : Soil moisture sensors at multiple depths are needed to effectively man . . . Read More

Lysimeters: simple definition but complex in application

Findings : A simple definition of Lysimeter (noun) from google search is: an appa . . . Read More

Using R to import and analyse SFM1x Sap Flow Meter data

Findings : Widely used by the research community, R is a common tool used in many . . . Read More

Continuous Plant Water Potential Data

Findings : The continuous measurement of plant water potential is possible with t . . . Read More

How to calibrate soil moisture sensors

Findings : The calibration of soil moisture sensors is crucial for accurate and r . . . Read More

Measuring Sap Flow: TDP compared to the Heat Ratio Method

Findings : The Heat Ratio Method (HRM) provides many benefits over the Thermal Di . . . Read More

Urban Risk Monitoring Enabled by IoT

Findings : Environmental risk factors can be managed with early detection of incr . . . Read More

Forest Monitoring Technologies

Findings : IoT enabled sensors that measure ecosystem behaviour of both commercia . . . Read More

IoT for Tree and Nut Crop Irrigation

Findings : Management of tree crop irrigation using IoT sensors has reduced tree . . . Read More