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Always remember to close your Communications Port

September 22, 2014 11:26 am

This is a little reminder to always remember to close your communications port of the SFM1. PhD Student Oskars Krisans from SILAVA in Latvia was kind enough to share his experience with ICT International. This little fellow looks like he hibernated for the long and very cold Latvian winter in the warmth of the SFM1 where the communications bung had been left open.


Once removed from inside the SFM1 the USB cable was inserted and data downloaded. Seemingly neither the Lizard nor the Sap Flow Meter were any worse the wear from this experience. Although ICT International does not recommend leaving the communications port open when the instrument is unattended.


If there had been a rainfall event and water entered the instrument through the open port things could have been much different; such as a SFM1 that had been returned to ICT by one of our customers. Name withheld to protect the not so innocent.