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Vineyard Application Notes

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Water management in vineyards requires effective irrigation scheduling to produce a consistent and predictable product. Plant water stress must be monitored throughout the growing season and the application of irrigation must be regulated to suit the most active growth processes occurring in the vine and any given time. Plant water stress should be avoided during critical growth stages and controlled at other times through deficit irrigation. Ideally, plant water stress should be measured by monitoring physiological responses of a vine, such as leaf water potential, sapflow or cell expansion. Plant water stress data, used in conjunction with soil moisture and microclimate data, provides the full dataset required for effective vineyard water budgeting.
ATH-S2 Ambient Temp & Humidity
SFM1 Sap Flow MeterWhich Sap Flow Meter Do I Need?
DSB60 Band Dendrometer
MP406 Soil Moisture ProbeWhich Soil Moisture Sensor Should I Choose?
Sensor-Node IoT Packages (SNiPs)
SNiP-VIN: This extended SNiP takes
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